The Patented SteelHead® Bulkhead System is a monolithic, light and strong alternative to using heavy multi component lumber bulkheads for ISO containers. Established from the beginning with the user, the environment, simplicity and economics in mind, the rugged SteelHead® Bulkhead System can be custom made to meet customer specific requirements where needed.

Every aspect of The SteelHead® Bulkhead has been engineered for optimum strength to create a single component product that is sturdy and effective, to create a successful containment of bulk grains and feeds in 20’ and 40’ containers for export markets worldwide. The installer simply erects the SteelHead® Bulkhead in the container where it locks into place. Engineered to rid of Steel lumber, screws, glue, staples or any other fastening products it has also been created to not allow any movement during transport even when the container is empty.


The patented Steelhead Bulkhead System is one piece, making it light and easy to erect for one person to handle and install.

The Steelhead Bulkhead System can be custom manufactured for transloading of different grains and feeds and customer’s needs.

Removes the need to saw lumber, cut
cardboard or staple,etc.

Makes import/export authorities duties easier, – IPPC, fumigation/HT stamp regulations are simplified due to the absence of lumber.

Eliminates waste – a percentage of lumber is unusable due to knots, splits, bark, mold, etc. and is waste. Unusable lumber mean dollars lost, plus the added cost to dispose of them.

Being one piece, the bulkhead is a single source product. Easier to order and control inventory.

The geometrical shape of the bulkhead locks firmly into the sides of the container stopping product from escaping. This provides less wastage and a cleaner work area.